About Siteweave

SiteWeave has been building websites for businesses in Portsmouth, Hampshire and beyond for many years. We remain a small company dedicated to a personal service. We know most of our clients very well and have been working with some of them since we started in 1999.

Unique design. We do not use any third party templates to help us build your site. Most of our web sites are built from scratch and are largely hand-coded. Where we offer cheaper options, the templates have been designed and developed by SiteWeave. Your site will be unique.

Latest thinking. Your web site coding will be based on the latest ideas on structure and presentation, making it as future-proof as possible. If you know how to view code, see how little is used to generate this page!

Search engine friendly. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is built into each new website - it is not an add-on or an after-thought. Further optimisation should not be necessary for at least a year.

Friendly advice. We are a small but experienced company and you will get to know us quickly. When you phone - no hanging on the phone listening to music. When you come to discuss your website - a welcome and a cup of coffee.

On going support. We encourage all our clients to keep their websites fresh and relevant. To this end, your contract will have talk time and updating built in from the start.

References. We have been plying our trade of web site design, hosting, registering domain names and promoting our clients on the search engines since 1999. We are still working for clients who joined us when we started, and if you require a reference before making a commitment, we will be happy to arrange that for you.

Long term partners. We work from a small office in Portsmouth and our clients are most welcome to drop in and discuss their website or search engine programmes face to face. Some of our clients are not interested in computers and internet issues but realise the need for a web presence for their business. We help by handling all aspects of owning a web site if required.


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